At Et Tu Boutique, we get it. We understand how frustrating it is not to be able to find super cute (or even somewhat cute) clothes in our size. And when we do, the material or quality is not good. So it clings in every place we don’t want it to cling. It hangs over parts of our body that don’t necessarily need more emphasis. Or it rips, tears or falls apart after washing.

That’s why we try to procure quality items. Material that is thicker, better and overall made well. We want our pieces to hang on our bodies in the way it is meant and to compliment our size. We are not here to hide or be ashamed or cover up. But the most important thing of all? We want options! 

Being plus-size all of our lives, we welcome body positivity. We welcome the idea that all women are beautiful. No matter what shape, size or height. We are here to celebrate us that despite all of our efforts, we are curvy. And we are here to celebrate that we are, finally, accepting of our own bodies, curves, divots and bumps.

Our logo consists of a dragonfly for a reason. The dragonfly symbolizes self-realization, change, adaptability and transformation. The change that is most referred to is the change in mental and emotional maturity; and the understanding the deeper meaning of life.

We transform throughout life into adults. Into women. Into sisters, moms and aunts. We transform into ourselves - our natural and curvy selves.

Et Tu Boutique realizes that we are curvy. We are natural. We are beautiful. And you… you, too, are beautiful just as you are.