Wearing clothes in real life


Isn't shopping so much fun? Sometimes. I mean, in reality shopping can be a blast or just a big pain in the butt. I remember when I was a teenager, my mom, sister and I would spend an entire weekend shopping for back to school clothes. We went to the Galleria in Dallas and took our time, shopping, eating and laughing! We would get the largest dressing room so all of us fit at the same time. So much laughter - especially when something didn't fit or oh my - when we couldn't get it off fast enough! The memories are some I will always cherish.

Other times, shopping can be a just a big miss. The clothes don't fit right. The dressing rooms are hot. There's a kid running in between all the clothes racks. It can really be a horrible experience.

We know that brands size their clothing differently. An XL fits fine in one brand while in another, a 2X is needed. They can even vary within a brand. Umgee is a brand that I personally love and that's why you will see a lot of it here. I typically wear an XL but there are a few items that a 1X is just more comfy. And that can be the frustrating part of shopping. 

I want to help you through the complications by having someone "in real life" try everything on. The model shown is lovely and wears the pieces quite well but I am here to "model" the pieces as well. I can also talk about the material.

Enjoy and please let me know if there is an item you'd like to see. I'll add my sizes in each listing so don't worry about trying to remember. And yes, you can laugh with me. 

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