Stop buying the stuff you don’t need or want!

How many of us bought a candle or paperweight that was too expensive and not needed or wanted just because we felt you have to buy something to save ourselves from the embarrassing fact that the shop didn’t have our size? I am looking at a dumb rock/paperweight now that says “Grace” sitting on my desk, and why? Because the boutique didn’t carry curvy sizes, I was too ashamed just to walk out. And now I own a rock. And I don’t hate the rock. I hate what it internally represents to me. 

It's never been a secret that fashion is often marketed toward thinner bodies. Plus-size clothing is often relegated to the back corners of stores or entirely absent from high-end boutiques. This is a frustrating and alienating experience for many women who wear sizes 12 and up.

We have experienced the frustration of shopping in a store that doesn't carry their size or only has a limited selection. Many don’t even bother going inside a boutique because they know they won’t be able to find anything. It’s frustrating and can be incredibly damaging to our self-esteem and confidence. 

This is where Et Tu Boutique comes in. We focus on plus-size clothing. No more scanning the website or searching through racks only to find that the only thing available in your size is a plain T-shirt or basic black pants. At Et Tu Boutique, you'll find a wide range of trendy, fashionable clothing designed to flatter curvy bodies.

We also promote body positivity and inclusivity in the fashion industry. By prioritizing plus-size clothing and offering diverse styles and sizes, we’re sending a message that all bodies deserve to look and feel great in their clothing. By embracing all body types and offering a wide range of stylish options, they're helping to create a more inclusive and welcoming fashion landscape. 

So if you're tired of feeling left out by traditional boutiques, consider trying Et Tu Boutique – you won't be disappointed! Plus, we are flexible and honest and want to work with you. If something isn’t right, reach out. We will make it right. We’d rather take something back than have it hang in your closet being ignored and not loved.

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