Opening Day!

Hello there! 

As we prepare for our opening day, I just wanted to take the time and say YAY!! haha - this has been a dream of mine for years and I am so happy it is finally coming true. 

My goal is to provide good quality clothes for us curvy ladies. I love clothes but I especially love when I buy something and it FITS! It hangs right, covers up the things I want covered and opens when and where I want. The thing is... I imagine everyone feels this same way. But we don't fit into the mold of the fashion industry. And I am sick of it. 

That's the other thing I am sick of - because I am plus-size or a big girl, people automatically think I am unhealthy. Or lazy. Or have no control in my life. Last summer, I went to the doctor to get relief for a bug bite. I was asked THREE TIMES if I was diabetic! Three! The last one, I asked him, "Is it because I'm overweight you think I am diabetic? Because I'm not and it's rude." 

The assumptions we all make about one another needs to stop. I am unhealthy (although I do have Hashimoto's disease which totally flared up during menopause), I am not lazy (I get my 8 hours a night) and I do have a healthy sex life. Wait - that wasn't assumed? 

Anyway - I need to get this website done so we can open on the 5th!! That date holds a special place in my heart and I am sure it will come to light one day. 

Treat yourself with kindness ~



Lone everything you said ! Be kind to self ❤️

Julie Harrison January 15, 2023

Clothes are super cute! Love what I’ve got so far.

Polly January 15, 2023

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