Going to the Dallas Market

Next week is a big week for us and I could not be more excited!

The Dallas Market is open for women's apparel and accessories and we are going to hit every. single. day. of it! I am packing my tennis shoes and checking it ALL out. 

My main objective is to find good quality clothes in extended sizes. Right now, the majority of plus-size vendors that I have found only carry sizes up to 3X. I chose those vendors because I knew the quality of material was there. They are made well, they hang well on the body and they are trendy. And now it's time to find other pieces that I will be proud to carry. 

Not all clothes are made the same. And honestly, when looking for plus-sizes, it's easy to go for the cheap. We think we want to spend $5 on a white t-shirt because it's just a t-shirt. But then you get that t-shirt on, and it clings in all the wrong spots and the material is really thin not creating a smooth look at all. (Not all $5 t-shirts, but the majority) You wear it anyway thinking it's not that bad, but then half-way through the day, you catch a glimpse of yourself in the mirror and think, "omg. I look fat and disgusting."  Which is the LAST thing you should EVER be saying about yourself! 

I am going to the market to find the clothes, the material, the cut, the cuteness that WE deserve. Expect to see a LOT of movement on our Facebook (and probably TikTok) page because I will be sharing this fun experience with my beautiful sister! 

Second objective is to connect with vendors with shapewear, pajamas and shoes. I am fortunate enough to wear a size 10 in shoes. My sister is not. She wears an 11 wide and the poor thing has a horrible time finding cute, comfy shoes she can wear all day. 

(Side note: WHY are there not ANY stock photos of curvy women shopping?? We need to change this NOW!)

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